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No matter how advanced its technology, a society without ideas goes nowhere.

Image Credit: Jose Aljovin
Bitcoin genesis block source code

Creating a Bitcoin Talent Pipeline for Texas. Fostering excitement about Bitcoin’s mission with younger generations and creating institutional pathways for them to contribute to the movement.

Influencing public discourse about a Bitcoin-oriented future for Texas and American society. Laying down the intellectual scaffolding that scientists, engineers, and social theorists may draw upon and dialogue with as they build the social and technical infrastructures of the twenty-first century.

Ensuring that Bitcoin core development progresses unimpeded by financially supporting full-time developers.




In 2021, the 87th Texas State Legislative Session passed HB 3767, the Texas Education and Workforce Alignment Act, which establishes the Tri‑Agency Workforce Initiative.  This Initiative brings together three State Agencies--the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)--to align the use of state and federal education funds to state workforce development goals.


With Bitcoin mining already an important new industry in Texas, the Foundation sees the opportunity to create a Texas talent pipeline of Bitcoin software developers, entrepreneurs, mining technicians, and more. The Foundation will partner with K-12, Higher Education, and specialized institutions to create and deliver professional certification pathways for the Bitcoin industry.


The Satoshi Papers

Reflections on Political Economy after Bitcoin

The success to date of the B/bitcoin protocol and currency suggests that their global adoption is on the horizon. This raises important questions for nation-states and their citizens. Indeed, it prompts us to ask what political economy looks like in a world with a significant alternative to Keynesian economics operating alongside the inflationary monetary policies of central banks.

While many efforts are underway to advocate for B/bitcoin adoption and support the build-out of its technology stack, there has not yet been a sustained and rigorous attempt to grapple with its implications for future political economy. It is for this reason that the Texas Bitcoin Foundation’s first project is a call to contribute to The Satoshi Papers: Reflections on Political Economy after Bitcoin

The Satoshi Papers will feature essays by historians, political theorists, social scientists, computer scientists, philosophers, and others seeking to clarify what self-sovereign, sound money implies for the optimal generative relating of state and society—both within the United States and worldwide.

Open-Source Development

Open-Source Development

The Texas Bitcoin Foundation recognizes that the Bitcoin codebase is free and open source. Software developers contributing to the ecosystem do so largely on a volunteer basis.


It is in the best interests of the Bitcoin network and the societies that benefit from it that Bitcoin developers have the freedom to fully commit their time and expertise to this momentous project.


For this reason, the Foundation will earmark a separate fund, the Bitcoin Developer Fund, to provide grants for developers working full time on Bitcoin open source infrastructure.

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